Downloadable Resources

VyndaLink offers several downloadable resources, shown below, to help make it as easy as possible to get your patients started on their medication.

VyndaLink supporting patient access and reimbursement flyer

VyndaLink Overview Video

This short video highlights the support offerings that VyndaLink offers to your patients who have been prescribed VYNDAMAX

VyndaLink Enrollment Form

The VyndaLink enrollment form may be downloaded and completed via fax or mail. Enrollment can also be completed online through the VyndaLink Provider Portal

VYNDAMAX Prior Authorization Checklist

Checklist to help healthcare providers prepare necessary materials for insurers

VYNDAMAX Sample Letter of Medical Necessity and Appeals Checklist

Template letter and appeals checklist for patients who have been prescribed VYNDAMAX

Specialty Pharmacy List

List of specialty pharmacies in the defined distribution network

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