Connecting Patients to
Financial Assistance and

Once patients are enrolled in the VyndaLink program, we can help them understand their insurance benefits and, if eligible, connect them with financial assistance resources.

Medicare/Government-Insured Patients

If your patients have Medicare/Medicare Part D or other government insurance plans, we can help identify financial support options that may help cover the cost of their medicine.

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Alternative Funding Sources

If your patients need help with the cost of their medicine and meet eligibility criteria, we can refer them to Medicare Extra Help or alternative sources of funding.

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Pfizer Patient Assistance Program*

If support through an alternate funding source is not available, your patient may be eligible to receive VYNDAMAX at no cost through the Pfizer Patient Assistance Program.

Commercially Insured Patients

For eligible patients with commercial, employer, or private coverage, including coverage purchased through a state health insurance marketplace, we can help determine eligibility for financial assistance resources, including co-pay assistance.

Co-pay Savings for VYNDAMAX

Eligible, commercially insured patients may pay as little as $0 per month through the VYNDAMAX Co-Pay Savings Program.VyndaLink allows you to check patient eligibility and download co-pay cards.


Uninsured Patients

We can help identify potential resources for patients who have no healthcare coverage.

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Help Finding Coverage

We’ll check if your patients may be eligible for Medicaid and we can tell them how to contact Medicaid to apply.

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Pfizer Patient Assistance Program

We may be able to help your eligible patients receive VYNDAMAX while applying for Medicaid, for up to 90 days, through the Pfizer Patient Assistance Program. If your patients do not qualify for Medicaid, they may be able to get up to a 1-year free supply of VYNDAMAX through the Pfizer Patient Assistance Program. Patients must meet the eligibility requirements and reapply as needed.

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