We can conduct a benefits verification to determine your patients’ health insurance coverage, including out-of-pocket costs and coverage requirements for VYNDAMAX. Personalized support may be available for eligible patients during the approval process.

Patient Access Journey

How your patients can get started on their medication.

Patient Access Coordinator (PAC)

All patients with a valid VYNDAMAX or VYNDAQEL® (tafamidis meglumine) prescription can opt-in for the support of a PAC, a Pfizer employee who can help patients with their questions regarding access. The Pfizer PAC can help patients and caregivers understand how their insurance may cover their medication and what the expected out-of-pocket costs may be. They can answer patients’ access-related questions and explain the process of obtaining their prescription from a Specialty Pharmacy.

To request PAC support, patients should click Get Pfizer PAC support. Or, they can complete the VyndaLink enrollment form and check the box in Section 3B. Please note that if your patients require financial assistance, the Pfizer PAC will refer them to a VyndaLink representative for further support.

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VyndaLink Journey

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Specialty Pharmacy Journey

If you do not enroll your patient in VyndaLink at this time, you can send a prescription for VYNDAMAX directly to a specialty pharmacy in the defined distribution network. Please note that you should check your patient's prescription drug insurance before choosing a pharmacy, as the patient's coverage plan may require a specific pharmacy within the network to dispense.

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Benefits Verification

The VyndaLink team can conduct your patients' benefits verification to determine their health insurance coverage, including out-of-pocket costs and coverage requirements for VYNDAMAX.

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Prior Authorization

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The VyndaLink team can research your patients’ health plan for PA requirements and forms.



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You may want to include a Letter of Medical Necessity along with PA requirements.


Appeals (if applicable)

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The VyndaLink team can provide information to assist patients who would like to appeal a PA denial.

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Reauthorization (if applicable)

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Plans may require your patient to be reapproved to continue treatment. Reauthorization frequency and requirements can vary by plan.


Either VyndaLink or the specialty pharmacy, as applicable, will begin coordinating with you prior to expiration to help prevent any lapse in therapy for your patient. VyndaLink or the specialty pharmacy can provide you with information about how to request reauthorization. You or your office may need to request reauthorization from the patient’s plan.

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