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You may have questions when starting a new medication. The VyndaLink team is here to support patients who have been prescribed VYNDAMAX.*

*The same VyndaLink support offerings available to patients prescribed VYNDAMAX are also available to patients prescribed VYNDAQEL® (tafamidis meglumine).

Your Treatment Journey

Now that you have been prescribed VYNDAMAX, start your patient journey with support from VyndaLink.

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Enrollment – Starting the process

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Start the enrollment process today

The VyndaLink team can help you understand your insurance coverage and look for potential financial assistance options once you are enrolled.

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Patient Access Coordinator (PAC)

When you enroll in VyndaLink, you have the option to be contacted by a Pfizer PAC who can help you understand your insurance benefits and navigate the process to access your prescribed medication. Pfizer PACs are field-based employees of Pfizer Rare Disease and, if you choose, will help answer questions you may have about accessing the medication prescribed by your physician. Pfizer PACs are very familiar with access and reimbursement requirements for VYNDAMAX, and the Pfizer PAC assigned to you will coordinate with VyndaLink and you on your journey to starting therapy (although you will still need to contact VyndaLink directly if you are seeking financial assistance). To be assigned a PAC, you must complete the PAC opt-in section of the VyndaLink enrollment form.


Download the VyndaLink Enrollment Form
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Even if you do not enroll in VyndaLink, you will still get support. Your doctor will send your prescription directly to a specialty pharmacy, and the team there can help with insurance and reimbursement information. Expect a call from a coordinator at the specialty pharmacy.

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Benefits Verification

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VyndaLink or the specialty pharmacy will contact your insurance plan to confirm coverage for VYNDAMAX, including out-of-pocket costs, and will review the information with you by phone.

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Prior Authorization

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Prescription drug plans often require your doctor to get approval or prior authorization before you can be treated with VYNDAMAX. Your doctor or VyndaLink will contact you with the plan’s decision.


VyndaLink can provide information regarding any next steps if your insurance plan denies coverage.


Call: 1-888-222-8475
8 AM-8 PM ET)

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Financial Support

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Once enrolled, the VyndaLink Team may be able to help you find support to manage the cost of your medicine.


If you click on one of the buttons below, indicating what type of insurance you have, you’ll find helpful information to better understand the financial support that may be available to you.

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Patient Support

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Once you have enrolled, the VyndaLink team offers resources to help you get your prescribed medicine. They can also help connect you with advocacy groups and resources to assist with any needs you may have.


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A specialty pharmacy will send VYNDAMAX directly to your home. The specialty pharmacy will continue to call you to coordinate medication shipments and help with any medication issues that may arise.

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After a period of time, plans may require you to be re-approved to continue treatment. Attend appointments as directed by your doctor to prevent any delays in reauthorization.

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