Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions about accessing VYNDAMAX. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you learn about VyndaLink support.

When will I receive my prescribed medication?

On average, it may take several weeks to get your first VYNDAMAX shipment after your doctor writes the prescription. How long the process takes depends on the specific situation, and sometimes it takes longer in situations where the plan denies coverage and an appeal is filed. If you have questions about the status of your case throughout this process, contact VyndaLink or your dedicated Pfizer Patient Access Coordinator.

How much does VYNDAMAX cost?

Your out-of-pocket costs for VYNDAMAX may vary based on your specific insurance coverage. In addition, depending on your insurance coverage, your co-payment for your medication may change from month to month. For example, one month you may pay more because you have not yet met your deductible. Your specialty pharmacy will have the most accurate information about your monthly co-payments. 


If affording VYNDAMAX is an issue, VyndaLink can help you indentify financial support resources that you may be eligible for, including co-pay assistance, alternate sources of funding, or free medicine.

What should I do if my insurance coverage changes?

Your health plan may change at the beginning of the year, if you switch employers or opt for a new plan during the open enrollment period. As soon as your insurance information changes, contact VyndaLink to update your information on file. 


If you are seeking financial assistance and your financial situation has changed, you should also contact VyndaLink to identify financial support resources that you may be eligible for.

What is a Pfizer Patient Access Coordinator (PAC)?

All patients prescribed VYNDAMAX can get the support of a Pfizer Patient Access Coordinator, or PAC. The Pfizer PAC can provide information to help you understand how your insurance may cover your medication and what your expected out-of-pocket costs may be. They can also provide information about the process to obtain VYNDAMAX from a Specialty Pharmacy. You may still need to interact directly with VyndaLink, particularly if you are requesting financial assistance.

Can my spouse/child/caregiver speak with VyndaLink?

If you listed contact information for a caregiver on the VyndaLink Enrollment Form, then VyndaLink can speak with your spouse, child, or caregiver if that is what you prefer.

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